Tyler Dikman
Chief Executive Officer
Since the age of five, Tyler Dikman has aspired to run his own successful business. From his lemonade stands, lawn mowing, babysitting, and magic show businesses to starting CoolTronics at the age of fifteen,Tyler's two core principals of superior customer service and staying one step ahead of the competition have been prevalent throughout all of his ventures. Because it is so important to run a business only if one truly understands all aspects of it, Tyler tries to become involved on all levels: from research and development, marketing, and sales, to filing, answering phone calls and technical work. Aside from the business, Tyler's passions include writing, television production, comedy, and traveling around the world.

Andy Schnieder
Vice President of Marketing
An avid entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Andy has coordinated the marketing operations of various Silicon Valley technology ventures, as well as other consumer-oriented industries. Joining CoolTronics in 2005, he has helped the already successful company communicate the unique approach of customer-centric sales and services to a broader audience. As the creator and supervisor of aspects ranging from advertising to customer literature, Andy ensures that CoolTronics' voice is always friendly and helpful. In his free time, Andy enjoys playing, collecting, and listening to music and is hard at work on CoolTronics' long overdue jingle.

Adam Mershon
Chief Web Consultant
Adam's passion for technology stems from fond recollections of his first computer, the mythical Atari 800XL. Since these golden years, Adam has followed the emerging trends in graphic design and creation, as well as client-specific custom application programming. Having provided made-to-order work currently in practice by Fortune 500 companies, his experience in the design and development of web-based solutions completes CoolTronics' comprehensive online service offering. At the helm of a premiere team of cost effective designers and implementers, Adam empowers CoolTronics' online group to deliver top notch web solutions for your small business enterprise.

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